Past Cases - Elder Law Trial Verdict

In the 2012 Contra Costa County Superior Court case of Shahan v. Shahan, Kosta co-chaired a seven-day trial with Joseph Morrill Esq.  They represented the defendant who was accused of elder abuse against his mother by the plaintiff - his brother.  The trial was held in the Contra Costa County Superior Courthouse in Martinez, CA.  The defendant's brother also attempted to invalidate the two most recent trust amendments by way of commencing trust litigation.  The matter went through a seven-day trial.  The defendant's brother was the mother's conservator prior to her death in a conservatorship of the person and estate.  Ultimately, the judge found in favor of Kosta's client on all counts and against the defendant's brother. Kosta's client was awarded nearly $50,000 in legal costs for successfully defending the case.   The decision allowed Kosta's client to keep his entire inheritance which included a Bay-Area home located in a country club and six-figures in financial assets.  More details about the verdict can be found at the weblink below: